Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still Lifes 2009

My inspiration for this painting was the old, green glass plate and the way it reflects light. The lemons, limes and orange added some lovely form and color, and it was a joy to paint!

"Citrus on Green Plate"
8x10 Oil on Linen

I’ve always loved the graceful form and the well-used condition of this vintage decoy. He has been in our family for many years and was used over many hunting seasons. This lovely duck, along with the brass shotgun shells and the rusty old Herters weight, just begged to be painted.

"Antique Decoy"
15x21 Oil on Linen
Winner of Award of Excellence @ Primavera Art Show in Plymouth (2010)

This little skillet has been in my family for many years. It is so cute, and I've always loved the look of it. In this composition, I've also included an old recipe box and cutting board that were passed down from my mom. As I began this painting, I was very drawn to the beauty of the red onion, but as the painting progressed, the gorgeous, translucent colors of the garlic took center-stage. This is not a very good photo, and I will replace it with a better one at a later date.
"Onions, Garlic and Cast Iron Skillet"
12x16 Oil on Linen

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