Sunday, September 13, 2009

2008 Still Lifes

In her younger days, my mother loved to do needlework and created many beautiful objects that were lovingly given to her children and grandchildren. We all treasure these items above all of her other gifts. The painting below includes a pillow top that Mom was working on a few years ago. It was about that time that she was diagnosed with dementia. As her condition progressed, she simply was not able to complete the project. She asked me if I would take it and complete it for her, and of course I agreed. But I decided that before I worked on it, I wanted to use it in a painting. It is sort of my way of memorializing my mom. In this painting I have also included a very old thimble that belonged to my grandma, and an interesting copper pot that I found one lovely day while browsing through antique shops with my oldest daughter in Pennsylvania.

"Mom's Unfinished Needlework"
12x14 oil on linen

Oil painting is my first love, but I also wanted to give pastels a try. The following pastel painting is my first endeavor. It was lots of fun and I will definitely try it again one of these days.

"Vases and Oranges"
16x10 pastel on sanded paper

With my third painting of 2008, I wanted to go with a lighter background. I absolutely love red, so added the apple to add some punch to the composition.

"Apple, Books and Dutch Boy"
20x15 oil on linen

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